There is a narrative in society that babies, toddlers, and young children just don’t sleep. Why is that? Where did it originate? This ideology is a complete disservice to all parents and, simply, untrue.

In many ways, parenthood is a shared experience. We all feel frustration, anxiety, joy, pride, and every other emotion associated with our parental journey. However, at times, parenting can also feel extremely isolating and lonely. I, as I’m sure you, have said to myself, ‘Am I the only one going through this?’ or ‘Nobody told me it would be like this.’ Sleep seems to be one of the latter topics. A point of isolation and frustration in parenthood. It is just expected that you can and will survive with sleep deprivation.

There is so much miseducation and misinformation about sleep. How many baseless tips and tricks have you used to try and get your baby to sleep longer? Perhaps, you introduced solids way earlier than you wanted just to try and extend sleep. Or, cut out naps, have laid next to your child, introduced a later bedtime, or just conceded to your little one’s sleep difficulties in hopes they will grow out of it? As I’m sure you’ve discovered, none of these are the answer!

Frankly, it makes me angry that these unproven strategies even exist. It makes me want to scream when I jump on a Facebook thread where moms are offering these hacks as tried and true sleep advice. The problem is NOT these moms. The problem is that there is such a lack of pediatric sleep education in our world.

This is exactly why I became a sleep consultant. I have a deep, deep passion for education. And, I beg to say, an even deeper passion to support mothers on their parental journey. I never want mothers to feel isolated or alone. It doesn’t need to be that way! Unless, we rise to the occasion and seek to change the narrative, myths and miseducation about sleep will continue.

Now this is a great thought, of course, but how do we do it? We ask the experts! We are the experts and we will educate and guide you! I’m, obviously, bias and believe I am the greatest sleep consultant in the world, but really, all sleep consultants got into this profession to educate families about how sleep actually works.

In all of my consultations, I begin by explaining what sleep is, how it works, and why I’m making certain sleep recommendations for your child. In addition, I walk with you for two or three weeks as I show you what your child is capable of doing with the proper approach. I do not just tell you, I show you! We are in it together. Not only does this help you stay consistent, it teaches you how to help your child sleep. They need rest and it is important for their health that you get proper education before you waste days, months, and years trying to solve a problem with silly, baseless, approaches.

Be part of the change. Let me educate you. Walk beside me on this journey.